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Ingredients We Trust


OLIVE OIL Olive Oil has been used for thousands of years for its softening and smoothing effect.  It is a natural vegetable oil that is food-grade with antimicrobial properties. 
Coconut Decyl Glucoside is a natural, non-ionic surfactant.  It is ideal for all foaming and cleansing products. It does not contain any impurities.  Obtained from 100% renewable vegetable origin, ethylene oxide free, 1, 4-dioxane free. It is a combination of plant based fatty alcohols, coconut and glucose (corn starch).
LEMONS Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Oil is a natural fragrance and phthalate free
LEMONGRASS Cymbopogon Schoenanthus is a natural fragrance from Lemongrass.  It is phthalate free

Our natural essential oil is obtained from lavender flowers. It is phthalate free

MINT Peppermint is a natural fragrance obtained from Mint leaves. It is phthalate free

Acetic Acid

Food-grade vinegar naturally cleans and deodorizes without harmful chemicals.

  Glycerin is a natural ingredient derived from plants. It's a rich humectant, emollient and lubricant.
  Glyceryl Caprylate Caprate is a 100% natural thickener for water based cleansing products. It is made from 100% renewable sources, through the esterification of glycerin from vegetable oil sources and medium chain fatty acids of coconut oil. It is Kosher, EcoCert and is of 100% natural origin. A skin safe thickener that is mild, non-sensitizing and non-irritating to eyes and skin.
VANILLA Vanillin is a natural fragrance and phthalate free.
  Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol and Sorbic Acid are combined to form a natural broad based spectrum preservative without parabens or formaldehyde. Phenoxyethanol is an aromatic ether alcohol. Sorbic Acid is a natural acid that offers protection from yeast, fungus and mold, and Caprylyl Glycol is an emollient base.
  Potassium Sorbate is a food-grade powder that has antimicrobial properties. It is one of the safest and most commonly used preservatives for food and natural products. It is the inactive salt of Sorbic Acid and it readily dissolves in water where it converts to Sorbic Acid.
  Coco Glucoside is a plant derived soap. It is a mild, non-ionic surfactant of fatty alcohol glucoside made from renewable raw materials such as coconut and fruit sugars. It has no sulfates, parabens or diethanolamides and is biodegradable.
 Witch Hazel  Witch Hazel is a non-drying plant derived astringent. 
 Corn Starch  Zea Mays or Corn Starch is a great natural alternative to talc powder.  It absorbs moisture without drying.