Are you still making your own All Purpose Cleaner? Although making your own natural cleaners seems like a great idea but there actually is a science behind the whole process. Our products are made with natural ingredients like vinegar, essential oils and coconut oil so you can get to cleaning without worrying about being Bill Nye the Science Guy or polluting your home with toxic chemicals. Let us do the work for you! 

You may have tried making a DIY All Purpose Cleaner at home. It seems simple; just  mix vinegar, lemon essential oils and dash of baking soda. Simple right? Think again! The combination between vinegar and baking soda can be quite dangerous. Mixed together they are ineffective at cleaning and, if contained in a glass container could potentially explode. YIKES!  Instead try our All Natural All Purpose Cleaner. It’s made with four simple ingredients.

Water – Added to help evenly distribute and mix our ingredients together.

Vinegar – The all star ingredient. It naturally removes dirt and odors while reducing bacteria on surfaces.  

Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside – Glucose alkyl ether derived from coconuts. It is a mild surfactant that is extremely mild and gentle on the skin. In English, this is made from coconuts and helps keep all our ingredients together and acts as a natural preservative.

Essential Oils – This is what gives our products the clean smell you are searching without any artificial fragrances that can be skin irritants. These also help preserve the formula from spoiling.

Science, it’s a crazy thing but we’ve got it all under control for you!